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From Meskauskas Audrius <>
Subject Re: Questions about CORBA: GNU Classpath?
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2005 16:21:28 GMT
In principle the license and goals are stated on our website:

In theory there should be no persuading needed since the Apache hackers
have already said that they would like to use GNU Classpath as core
library for the Harmony initiative and that the license is in principle
not a problem for adoption. The main thing holding things back is that
you need more then just the core class libraries for building a full
free j2se replacement. See Apache incubator for details about
the Harmony project. 

The GNU Classpath licensing exception is not a nonsense; 
due this single sentence in the header I have got to write
currently 851 CORBA class from scratch in spite of the existence of the
LGPL-licensed JackORB and Jonathan, as the licensing differences
are too dramatic. 

This is because exception eliminates the pressure to release the closely
interacting code under GPL or LGPL, opening way for much more solutions and
making the whole spirit of the license maybe even closer to Apache than
to original GPL.

If you think that accepting Classpath it is a very responsible decission, 
for you, I would like you to suggest to contact Cliff Schmidt at
Cliff has spoken at lenght about legal/license issues with FSF legal 
people and knows what the intentions and goals are of our licenses.

With respect

Audrius Meskauskas.

Jeff Genender wrote:

> Meskauskas,
> Thanks for offering this up.  But I *think*, and I can easily be 
> corrected, the licensing is the issue.  For our initial 
> implementation, I believe we must have software that is compatible 
> with the Apache license and IIUC, GNU classpath is GPL.
> Jeff
> Meskauskas Audrius wrote:
>> Jacek>I wonder what options do we have to use as a CORBA 
>> implementation in
>> Jacek>Geronimo (as a ASF project). I'm not familiar with the nuances of
>> Jacek>miscellaneous licenses, but unless I'm mistaken we don't have 
>> too much
>> Jacek>choices - Sun's ORB or OpenORB, right? Again, unless I'm 
>> mistaken if I
>> Jacek>were to be asked I'd say we ain't too happy with both, but 
>> couldn't say
>> Jacek>why :( Wiki is silent on this, too.
>> Jacek>Yes, I'm lost and asking for a help - could anyone answer where 
>> we are
>> Jacek>with the CORBA stuff?
>> A very serious work is already done writing GNU Classpath CORBA 
>> implementation.

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