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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: Geronimo tooling dontation
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 21:29:02 GMT
Great.  I assuming no one else has any strong objections.  If not, I'll 
be glad to start driving this.  I'm not sure about the licensing 
issues... I'll shoot of a note to the eclipse folks.


Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> I think it would be great to have it here.
> Question - we would need to have it re-licensed under the Apache  
> License v2.0.  Is that possible?
> geir
> On Jul 29, 2005, at 9:28 PM, Sachin Patel wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> It seems as if a decision needs to be made to determine the  
>> appropiate place to host the Eclipse tooling support for Geronimo,  
>> in particular the Geronimo Server Adapter that is currently in  
>> development in the Eclipse - WTP project.
>> As I've made enhancements to this Geronimo tooling support, I've  
>> been forced to pull in Geronimo runtime dependencies, for access  not 
>> only to the Geronimo runtime itself but to JEE spec jars.
>> Discussions have arose as I've been working with the Eclipse WTP  
>> team to push these changes in.  It is their belief that if this  
>> server adapter is pulling in third party jars then it falls under  
>> the category of being a full-fledged adapter that is too large to  
>> host and be a part of WTP.  The existing adapters for the other  
>> application servers that are included in WTP are lightweight and  
>> serve primarily as examples for basic support.  There has been some  
>> discussion planning to provide the JMX jars and a set of utilties  as 
>> part of WTP that other server adapters can exploit.  However  this is 
>> not expected until WTP 1.5 in June 06 at the earliest.   This is not 
>> good for the Geronimo community.  We need an immediate  place to host 
>> this source so the community can have the latest  source to start 
>> using, opening bugs and feature requests, and  contributing to it.  
>> As everyone works hard toward the completion  of the Geronimo's first 
>> release it would be great if we had a good  start for tooling support 
>> to go along with 1.0.
>> So the first decision we need to come to is where should this be  
>> hosted? The first option is creating a sourceforge project and  build 
>> a secondary community around it.  The other, is to host on  Apache 
>> itself as part of the Geronimo project.  The latter I feel  is a much 
>> better option as by simply including it as part of the  Geronimo 
>> project itself, it provides a much stronger integration  statement to 
>> the existing community.  So the Apache Geronimo  project would 
>> include not only the development of server itself but  also the 
>> tooling that goes along with it.
>> So the proposal is that we create a seperate branch for tooling in  
>> subversion and host the source there.  The next step would be to  
>> provide the build and packaging infrastructure to go around it and  
>> to be able to pull down dependencies to build which include  Eclipse, 
>> WTP, and of course the Geronimo runtime itself.
>> Thoughts, objections, comments???
>> Thank you,
>> Sachin.

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