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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject RFC - Fix to the XMLBeans2/Eclipse issue
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 07:30:55 GMT
I was tinkering around with the Eclipse project build and I have come up 
with a kludge solution for the xmlbeans2 type class problem.

First, there was an earlier discussion of having the xmlbeans compile 
classes go to another  Then 
we could edit the POM, and add a resource...and the jar would ultimately 
contain everything needed.  I like this solution the best, but 
unfortunately the maven xmlbeans2 plugin will need a new property to 
override the default target/classes.  Also, I think I remember someone 
saying this would mess up Idea Intellij (DJ?).

However, I have come up with the following mid-term solution:

All maven.xml files that do an xmlbeans schema run, a 
target/xmlbeans-classes directory will be created and the entire 
target/classes/schemaorg_apache_xmlbeans structure will be copied to 
this directory.  Also, each that has an xmlbeans 
infrasturcture will have the xmlbeans-classes dir added to the eclipse 
included classpath (which really adds it to the src in eclipse).  Then 
in the top level maven.xml, in the m:eclipse, I wrote a jelly script 
that after running the eclipse multiproject, it does a search and 
replace on all .classpath files that has the xmlbeans-classes in src 
converted to a lib - which means it just becomes an additional true 
classpath in eclipse.

This makes it so when eclipse's build occurs and wipes the target dir, 
it still has access to the needed type class files and xsb files.

The bottom works...and it doesn't affect intellij or need to 
change the xmlbeans2 maven plugin (which I would much prefer we do). 
This allows a full *working* eclipse project infrastructure for Geronimo 
w/o the need to hack the xmlbean project files in eclipse.

I would appreciate some feedback on this and some concensus before I 
check this in.

Jeff Genender

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