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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: interop-server-plan.xml and izpack installer questions
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 15:17:40 GMT

On Aug 2, 2005, at 6:35 AM, wrote:

> I noticed that the izpack installer has an "EJB/IIOP Configuration" 
> panel where the user can configure things such as:
> * Naming port
> * EJB port
> * IP addresses the server should accept EJB Client connections from
> * IIOP port
> * ORB port
> * CosNaming port
> Even though I am prompted for Corba config information, the 
> org/apache/geronimo/InteropServer configuration isn't started when 
> Geronimo is started, which isn't intuitive.  Should we be starting the 
> configurations that they configure in the installer?

The org/apache/geronimo/InteropServer relates to the code in the 
geronimo interop module, which we aren't using at the moment.  The 
actual CORBA support is entirely in openejb and uses the Sun orb.
> Should the Interop config be optional (have it as a pack you can 
> select at the beginning) and the IIOP port, ORB port and CosNaming 
> port on a separate screen?

I think it would probably be appropriate to put the openejb corba 
support in a separate corba module but it is most likely to be a 
separate openejb corba module.  At that time making it optional seems 
reasonable.  I doubt this will happen before 1.0
> I also noticed that in the following change, the interop server was 
> removed from the assembly.  Can anyone give some more background on 
> this?

As noted above, we aren't using it for anything.  The generated code 
(using the IDL compiler) is now in a spec module.

david jencks
> Revision: 159233
> Author: adc
> Date: 10:58:39 PM, Monday, 28 March 2005
> Message:
> Temporarily turned off.
> ----
> Modified : /geronimo/trunk/modules/assembly/maven.xml
> Thanks,
> John

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