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From David Jencks <>
Subject CSS configuration
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2005 01:09:01 GMT
At javaone I discussed corba CSS configuration with Dain and Alan and 
IIUC we think the current situation where CSS configurations are 
associated only with ejb-refs is inadequate.  Here is the problem:

client 1 on host A gets an ejb remote object from host B.  The client 
security config is specified on the ejb ref in client 1 and refers to 
the security info available on that host.

client 1 gets a handle for that ejb object and gives it to app 2 on 
host C

app 2 tries to use the handle to talk to the ejb on host B.  The 
available security infomation on C is completely different from that 
available on A.  What CSS configuration should be used to reconnect the 
handle?  Since app 2 does not have an ejb-ref for the handle, we don't 
have a CSS configured.

We think that we need a CSS configuration for the entire object that is 
using the handle.  This could be the entire server/client, or the 
application, the module, or (for ejbs) the individual ejb.  IIUC we 
haven't figured out which one of these is most useful.

david jencks

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