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From Kenneth Tam <>
Subject Re: xmlbeans usage in Geronimo -- upgrading to xbeans 2.0?
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 20:51:11 GMT
> I've been attempting to maintain a port to xmlbeans 2 for about 6
> months and have been getting very tired of objections to installing it.
>  I'm now afraid that this has resulted in xmlbeans 2 being released
> with some bugs that will make using it difficult.

I'm grovelling the dev list archive and the only discussion (if you
can call it that :) I can find is this:

Ie, just your msg -- if there's any archived discussion on this, or
replies to your msg, I'm not finding them.

> The inclusion of xmlbeans in the root classloader should be
> unnecessary.  IIRC it was needed because we didnt' have a single
> version of the QName class: now that we do it should no longer be
> necessary.

Is there a brief overview of "how geronimo uses classloaders"
somewhere?  I can't find anything on the wiki.

> The intention is that xmlbeans and xmlbeans generated classes should
> only be used in  the builders, and not needed in the runtime system.
> If this is no longer the case, we have some work to do:-)

When you say "only used in the builders", do you mean "only used at
build time"?  (I'm unclear on what the term "builders" means in this
context).  This suggests that the runtime system never loads
xmlbeans-generated schema classes, which strikes me as odd.. for
example, aren't J2EE DDs manipulated using generated xmlbeans schema

(excuse me if this is all sounding totally clueless, I've just started
looking at the Geronimo codebase)

> If we can
> maintain this separation there should be no problem in using any
> version of xmlbeans in an application, since the builder classloaders
> using xmlbeans and the application classloaders using xmlbeans would be
> unrelated.
> If you want to help sort this out, your work would be extremely welcome.

My main interest is in getting to the point where applications can use
xmlbeans v2.  If it turns out that this means geronimo's "native"
usage of xmlbeans also needs to be upgraded, that would be
unfortunate, but not surprising -- besides any issues in Geronimo, I
am not sure what limitations xmlbeans itself has wrt concurrent usage
of v1 and v2.


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