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From Kenneth Tam <>
Subject xmlbeans usage in Geronimo -- upgrading to xbeans 2.0?
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 17:39:01 GMT
Hi folks,

I'm exploring the ability to use various versions of xmlbeans with
Geronimo.  In particular, I'm interested in being able to deploy a
J2EE app/module (say, a WAR) that depends on a specific version of
xmlbeans (which it provides, say in WEB-INF/lib).  Looking at this one
use case leads me to a number of questions..

I see v1 of xbeans being used in what appears to me (without deeper
knowledge) to be the system classloader of the server.  It seems the
natural usages of xbeans in Geronimo would be for general processing
of xml configuration files (J2EE DDs, Geronimo-specific config, etc),
as well as for xml processing in the J2EE webservices stack.

Has there been provision made in Geronimo's usage of xbeans for the
concurrent usage of multiple versions?  I see, which suggests that
there has been some concern about how xbeans is classloaded, but that
particular JIRA issue is very narrow.

Is anyone already exploring upgrading the version of xbeans used by
Geronimo to v2?  I'm beginning to play with it, but context would be
much appreciated.  For starters, it appears that there is some CGLIB
munging of xbeans compiled schema classes (this is based on a stack
trace I saw simply by replacing xbeans v1 with v2 at runtime) -- that
seems pretty scary.  The xbeans folks I've talked to tell me that the
compat level they were shooting for is source-level, ie they expect
clients to recompile their schemas using the new version of xbeans..
I'm working on that now.


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