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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Filing out our JSR-77 interfaces
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 17:05:36 GMT
	Since part of our management goal is to provide interfaces for 
(most if not all) GBeans to implement, and we want to ensure proper JSR-77 
support, we need a full set of interfaces corresponding to JSR-77 types.  
However, some of the JSR-77 types have names that conflict with other 
classes or interfaces, both in the spec APIs and in our code.  So we need 
to decide how to name these.  For example, here are a few:

Do not conflict

Clearly Conflict

	Now, we can name these interfaces whatever we want -- they are not
going to be used by strict JSR-77 clients (which don't use interfaces),
they are mainly for us to use to ensure that our implementations of these
types include all the methods that JSR-77 requires.

	So I'd suggest one of these paths:

1) Ignore conflicts, distinguish based on package name if it becomes
   relevant.  It probably won't, since a GBean representing a servlet
   would implement the management Servlet interface and not
   javax.servlet.Servlet, while the reverse is true of an actual
   Servlet class coded by an application developer.

2) Prefix all the type names with J2EE (at least, those that do not 
   already start with J2EE)

3) Prefix all the type names with Jsr77

	Any thoughts on this?  I favor using the exact names and not 
worrying about conflicts.


P.S. I'm planning on putting these interfaces in modules/j2ee under, which is where the handful we already have are.

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