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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject GBean Granularity
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 22:53:54 GMT
	I was just poking around the Tomcat GBeans a little trying to get 
the broken test to work, and there seems to be a moderately complex 
structure there.  I'm not sure to what extent this is truly dynamic.  I 
mean, will you really want to fully customize the container, engine, 
hosts, connectors, valves, and so on?

	What's the feeling on making a coarser GBean that takes a lot of
configuration settings and then instantiates all the more detailed GBeans?  
I mean, we might be able to get by with a master Tomcat GBean with set of
more manageable configuration information like (ignoring the format):


	We not be able to fully eliminate valve chain GBeans and stuff, 
but it would be nicer if we had some more "deployer-like" code to set up 
the finicky bits based on a simpler set of configuration data.

	No urgency, I'm just wondering if there's a strong feeling in 
favor of very fine-grained GBean configuration in our plans.  It's 
certainly more flexible, but as the test goes to show, more fragile too.


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