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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: DConfigBeans Starter Info
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 02:27:18 GMT
On Sun, 17 Jul 2005, Adriano Orlando Campestrini wrote:
> Aaron,
> Your answer really helps me. And this could be helpfull for other devs
> on dev-list.

	Great -- I'm glad you forwarded it.

> Schema its ok form me. I take a look on schema directory and I found
> other xsd and dtd files. Will DConfigBeans be provided just for
> deployment plans (WAR, JAR, EJB-JAR, EAR and RAR) or it needs to cover
> all the plans?? For example, web-jsptaglibrary, openejb-pkgen,
> geronimo-[login-config, naming, security, sevice]...

	I don't think we need to cover JSP taglibs.  However, the other
ones you listed will need DConfigBeans.  Once you dig in a bit, you'll see
that naming and security and the others are included in many of the
deployment plans (openejb-jar.xml for EJB and geronimo-web.xml for Web
both including naming and security elements, for example).  I think we can
create a set of DConfigBeans for each of those imported schemas and then
just reuse the DConfigBeans for each deployment plan that reuses the
common elements.

> Now I understand the purpose of connector and ra.xml. I think will be
> better firstly to finish the DConfigBeans of connector-builder. When
> all will be ok with these beans we will have a stable point to build
> others DConfigBeans.

	Right -- that sounds good.

> How could I test these API? You told you have a GUI that make
> something like this. Could you send me?

	Yes, I'll send it to you tomorrow.


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