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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Web Console (IBM Donation)
Date Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:27:34 GMT
So I took a look at the web console.  There are two main changes I'd like
to make before we "go live" with it.

1) Combine the "framework" and "standard" web apps into one.  Currently
   the "framework" holds the Pluto engine and page framing and so on,
   while the "standard" holds all the actual portlets.  Some of the issues
   are that I don't really fancy taking two contexts for this, there's no
   security on the portlet (standard) context, it can be accessed directly
   with a variety of unpleasant side effects, it makes the whole thing
   require multiple build modules and an EAR, etc.

2) Separate the "data access" from the "UI".  Right now the portlet code
   is making kernel calls to load the data it presents and alter the
   GBeans when changes are submitted.  Besides the obvious issues with
   this architecture for the console app itself, this means the
   configuration layer is not reusable by other tools (for example, a
   command-line tool to change network ports or whatever).  There's also
   some supporting GBean code for the console that could hopefully be
   rolled into this layer.

Personally, I'd like to start with the second item.  I'm hoping someone
else can take a look at the first one.  I guess my thought on how to
proceed with that one would be to clean up the layout of the "framework"  
WAR a bit (put most of the files under /framework or something), put in a
couple placeholder portlets just to prove that Pluto can display portlets
from its own web app, and make this the basis of a new "web console WAR"  
module in Geronimo apps.

Then we can start updating the donated portlets to use the new
configuration API (#2) and migrate them into the new console WAR (#1).  I
also have some thoughts on changing the layout/ordering of portlets, but
that's not such a big concern right at the moment.

Finally, there are a lot more portlets and features I'd ultimately like to 
add to the web console, but that's definitely a discussion for another 
day.  :)


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