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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Unstable builds -- use uberbuild?
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2005 18:58:14 GMT
	I'm fooling with David B's script to cerate the unstable builds..  
It didn't work for me originally becasue at the time we depended on some 
TranQL changes that weren't in a TranQL SNAPSHOT.  In the last couple days 
we've also had changes in OpenEJB required by Geronimo.
	It seems to me that the easiest course would be to have the script 
do an uberbuild:

svn co [geronimo] && cd geronimo && maven m:co && maven m:rebuild-all

	Then we're pretty sure the binary will be coordinated.  The next 
question is whether we should include the TranQL and OpenEJB source in our 
source tarball or just the Geronimo source.  I guess for official builds 
we probably need to restrict it to geronimo source for licensing reasons.  
I'm not sure if that would be compelling for unstable builds.  It would be 
nice to have the whole tree in there together, even though this still 
doesn't make the whole thing "repeatable" (since we still depend on so 

	I don't want to start the shapshot issue on this thread, though, I 
just wonder what others think about building a binary via the uberbuild 
and distributing source for OpenEJB and TranQL in the source tarball.


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