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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: PK Generator Status
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 16:02:19 GMT
	It looks like the namespace is wrong.  The key-generator element 
comes from and it's complaining that 
yours comes from  In the short 
term, try adding an xmlns attribute to the key-generator element:

<key-generator xmlns="">

	I'll change the loading code to automatically override the 
namespace so this isn't a problem in the future.


On Sat, 9 Jul 2005, Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> Aaron,
> I'm out of clues why it doesn't work for me. I've built 
> Geronimo+OpenEJB+TranQL several times and every time I deploy CMPs I'm 
> getting the following exception:
>      [java] org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: 
> org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: Invalid deployment descriptor: 
> [c:\temp\geronimo-deployment-8761tmp
> :0: error: Element not allowed: 
> key-generator@ in element 
> entity@]
>      [java] Descriptor: <xml-fragment configId="customer-ejb" 
> xmlns:naming="" 
> xmlns:open="
> penejb-jar">
> I confirmed that the element was indeed allowed according to the schema, 
> but somehow it's not accepted at deployment.
> See my other thread 'PetStore 1.3.2 goes to sandbox' if you want to take 
> a look at its configuration yourself and would like to give me some 
> hints as to why it might be failing and let me go on.
> > Aaron
> Jacek

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