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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Unsatisfied dependency of openejb-pkgen-builder-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar in HEAD
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 17:32:52 GMT
	That's a new module in openejb.  If you run a "cvs up -dP" from
the openejb directory you should get it.  I usually use "maven m:update"  
from the root geronimo directory which did the trick (I originally did a
"maven m:co" to check out openejb and tranql dirs).

	In any case, the source is definitely available from openejb.  
The binary is not out yet, so builds without openejb source won't work.  
Jeremy just asked to have a new binary generated, so hopefully it will be
available soon.


On Fri, 8 Jul 2005, Donald Woods wrote:
> Has anyone performed a complete rebuild since the Rev
> 209655 changes yesterday?  I performed a clean build
> using the Wiki steps of -
>    $ svn checkout
> geronimo
>    $ cd geronimo
>    $ maven m:fresh-checkout
>    $ maven m:rebuild-all
> and during the rebuild-all, I'm receiving the
> following during the Geronimo :: Assembly build -
>    The build cannot continue because of the following
> unsatisfied dependency:
>    openejb-pkgen-builder-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
> The above JAR is not located on ibiblio and is not
> being created by the rebuild of the latest OpenEJB
> source.  Does anyone have a copy of the above JAR they
> can send me?
> -Donald
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