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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject PK Generator Status
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 01:28:19 GMT
	So I've put in the new PK generator configuration syntax.  Once 
again, the openejb-jar.xml syntax has changed.  The old style of declaring 
a separate PK Generator GBean is still supported, but with a different 
element.  I'm going to update the wiki shortly.

	There are some TranQL enhancements that would be nice:

1) Implement a PK Generator that handles an EJB on a table that 
automatically populates a PK value in itself (via an AUTO_INCREMENT column 
or a trigger or whatever).  I think it would basically just hold a column 
name, and then the part of TranQL that created entities would need logic 
to recognize that, perform the insert as usual, and then fetch the PK ID 
value as an auto-generated key afterward.

2) If the option is implemented to dump DDL on startup, add the DDL for 
each PK Generator too (with, for example, the INSERTs necessary for a 
sequence table generator).  I like that more than having the PK Generator 
try to initialize its own tables or whatever on every startup and just 
suppress any exceptions.


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