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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject New Startup Output
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 02:05:29 GMT
	I just put in a change with nicer startup console output.  It
gives some progress and status information during the server start process
and lists the apps deployed and ports used at the end of the startup.  
Since it uses \r characters to make it work, the output looks lousy if you
view it in a log file, so there's a -noprogress argument you can add to
the server command line to suppress it (which the Maven deploy tool does, 
for example).

	In any case, I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback on the new 

 * Jeremy's already suggested adding a middle ground between -noprogress
   and what's in there, where it would print more or less the same
   information but one message per line so it looks nicer in a log.  
   There's just an interface to implement to get the startup sequence
   calls, so it should be easy enough to support that.

 * David J recommended the current combination of a short progress bar and
   status messages instead of my initial attempt, which just had a long
   (but not very fine-grained) progress bar.  I like the way it came out.

	Now that I've done this, I think we can use the same technique to
hide the password on the deployer command line.


Log message
New server startup output
 - shows a progress bar, timer, and operation status during start
 - shows a list of started application modules (other than o/a/g/System*)
 - shows a list of network ports that GBeans tried to bind to
The port list is voluntary on behalf of the GBeans.  They must declare an
  attribute of type in order to be included
  in the list (though it can be a read-only attribute).  We should review
  the current GBeans and make sure they do.
There is also some logic around calculating the name of a service.  For
  example, if the same GBean has more than one InetSocketAddress attribute,
  it tries to add the name of each attribute in the port list, and if the
  GBean has a "name" attribute (for GBeans tht may be deployed more than
  once with different names) it includes that too.
The new progress bar does not render particularly well in log files, and
  can be disabled by passing -noprogress on the server command line.  The
  maven deployment plugin does that.

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