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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject CMP Field Mapping Required?
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 18:39:18 GMT
	It looks like our intention is that cmp-field-mappings are
required in openejb-jar.xml.  That is, a single schema sequence contains
the table name and one or more cmp-field-mappings, which kind of implies
that you can't leave out the cmp-field-mappings, though of course there's
no way for us to force you (via the schema) to include one for each CMP
field in ejb-jar.xml.  Also, we do currently throw a deployment error if
you forget a field.

	But I wonder whether this is all necessary.  We could just default
the column name to the CMP field name, so you would only need to provide
the mapping if they were different.  Likewise, we could default the table
name to the ejb-name and make that optional too.

	What does everyone think about allowing defaults like that?  I
think it would be handy for trivial demos/examples, and unlikely to be
used for real apps.  All else being equal, I'm happy to support easy 
examples.  But I'm not sure if people feel like explicit deployment errors 
would be better than using defaults if you try to map everything but 
forget one.


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