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Subject Re: Is it a mountain? (Re: Donation of Admin Console- request for help)
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 23:50:36 GMT
Davanum Srinivas <> wrote on 13/07/2005 06:01:25 AM:

> +1 to accept both the console and trifork code. Let Geir worry about
> paperwork. (Ask for a software grant from both companies such that we
> can place the code in our SVN.)


I feel we should be focusing on getting the Trifork code integrated with 
Geronimo initially and worry about a standalone ORB project later.  My 
concern is if it goes to incubator is that it will introduce more 
management overhead (setting up svn, mailing lists, committers, more build 
complexities) and if it has separate mailing lists the Geronimo community 
may not get as involved, which sounds important in the first year or two 
of the project. Does going to incubator imply it will be developed as a 
standalone project? Once the trifork code is integrated with Geronimo and 
has stabilised then we could look at moving it to a standalone project 
(with its own mailing lists etc). 

> +1 to accept new folks from these contrib as "regular" committers (we
> can have a public vote once we get list of people from these 2
> companies)


Have an ACL to give the donors commit access to just the area the donation 
has been placed.  Full commit access should only be granted by following 
the normal procedures.


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