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Subject Re: CMP tables - can they be created automatically?
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 23:29:06 GMT
Jacek Laskowski <> wrote on 06/07/2005 07:42:42 AM:

> Aaron Mulder wrote:
> >    I like the idea of generating DDL automatically.  I don't much
> > like the idea of applying it automatically, though if we generate it, 
> > could easily provide a tool or command to apply the generated DDL. 
> > Still, that reflects my development style as much as anything.  If 
> > feel that it's valuable to support automatic creating and/or deleting,
> > that's OK, I just feel strongly that we should not make that the 
> > behavior.
> I saw that the SunONE deployer has a command line option -generateSQL 
> which I think is just for that. I assume it generates the SQLs to be run 

> by a DBA. I wish we could have it, too. We could also have an option to 
> configure if the schema should be altered or recreated or anything one 
> could think of. At the very first, having SQLs generated is what I think 

> developers would love.
> I've reported it as

A generateSQL option would be nice.  It would be useful to have an option 
(not the default) as to whether the generated DDL is applied to enable 
simple deployment of demonstration/evaluation applications.  If we make 
this easy then more software vendors may utilise Geronimo in their 
demo/evaluation versions of their J2EE applications.


> > Aaron
> Jacek

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