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Subject Re: Startup Scripts discussion ( GERONIMO-693 )
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 06:49:28 GMT wrote on 04/07/2005 10:22:59 PM:

> Deploy Tool Startup: 
> ================= 
> * starting under JPDA debugger 
> * allow jvm options to be passed 

Should we be invoking the deploy tool with the following (taken from 

java  -jar bin/deployer.jar 
<standard> switches and parameters

If so, slightly off topic, it appears that we would then need the izpack 
installation to substitute the port numbers the user enters in the 
installer panels into var/security/deployer.policy for ease of 
installation. Not sure if we need to make changes to izpack (see link 
below) to support variable substitution in policy files (AFAIK, policy 
files are supposed to be in UTF8 encoding scheme, so the izpack 
VariableSubstitutor class may need to be enhanced to have a 
TYPE_JAVA_POLICY that defaults to UTF8 encoding.

If not, why, and should we have a command line switch that turns the 
security manager on?



> Currently the deploy tool accepts some parameters with two leading 
> minus characters (e.g. --user system).  The Tomcat startup scripts 
> currently have parameters that have a single leading minus character
> (e.g. -security).  Should the startup script parameters be using the
> same prefix (two leading minus characters) as the Java code or 
> should it be using a different prefix? 
> John 
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