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Subject Change Geronimo to use Tomcat JK 1.2.13 instead of the unsupported JK 2 ?
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 03:10:23 GMT
Currently Geronimo uses the following:


According to the Jakarta Tomcat Connectors page JK2 is officially 
unsupported and has been put in maintainer mode and no further development 
will take place 

Also I read the Tomcat 5.5 documentation and it says that JK1.2 is 
supported and "Other native connectors supporting AJP may work, but are no 
longer supported" 

I'm also not clear what the jk2 version (5.0.18) really is, as the last 
official JK2 release is 2.0.4 according to

Or could it be that I am being mislead by 'jk2' being i the property name 
and it isn't really JK2 ?


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