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Subject Startup Scripts discussion ( GERONIMO-693 )
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 12:22:59 GMT
To get the ball rolling on startup scripts , what do people think 
about basing the startup scripts (as much as possible) on tomcat's 
catalina.bat & 
(since they have been used for years and many users would be familiar with 
their style of configuration)?

Here is my initial list of requirements for startup scripts for 
discussion.  If anyone else has some requirements to add (please indicate 
priority.. e.g. mandatory or nice to have)?  I will consolidate comments 
into a proposal (e.g. documenting command syntax).

Server Startup:
* script must specify -Djava.endorsed.dirs=lib/endorsed to ensure Tomcat 
* allow plan names to be specified for advanced users. 
* start under JPDA debugger if 1st argument is "jpda" instead of "start" 
(optional JPDA_TRANSPORT & JPDA_ADDRESS environment variables)
* start under security manager (causes and to be passed to the JVM)  How should a policy 
file be specified?
* specify directory for temporary files (e.g. GERONIMO_TMPDIR environment 
* allow jvm options to be passed (e.g. JAVA_OPTS environment variable)
* (for discussion) should the one server startup script also be used for 
starting Geronimo as a service?  I don't plan to implement this initially, 
but would like to plan how we would do it.  Currently Tomcat can be 
started as a service, but they don't use a script to start it as a 
service.  See . 
Does anyone know if there is a JIRA issue for starting Geronimo as a 
service?  I can't find one.

* (for discussion) Can we introduce some type of startup mode parameter 
that removes the need for people to remember to start the 
org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer configId).  Could having such a 
parameter make manuals/books easier to write?  I see a few possible modes 
of startup (please comment if you can think of others):
  - start with previous configuration (no configIds specified as arguments 
on Java command).  This would be the default mode.
  - start with a specific list of configIds.  Only these configIds will be 
  - start with a minimal configuration for J2EE (this includes the 
org/apache/geronimo/RuntimeDeployer configuration).
  - (future) start with a minimal configuration for non-J2EE use.  There 
was a discussion on the dev list
  - (future) start with a rolled back configuration?

Server Shutdown
More thought needed here. Any comments?

Deploy Tool Startup:
* starting under JPDA debugger
* allow jvm options to be passed

Currently the deploy tool accepts some parameters with two leading minus 
characters (e.g. --user system).  The Tomcat startup scripts currently 
have parameters that have a single leading minus character (e.g. 
-security).  Should the startup script parameters be using the same prefix 
(two leading minus characters) as the Java code or should it be using a 
different prefix?


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