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Subject Re: Branch for Geronimo M4
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 00:56:03 GMT

This branch contains the XMLBeans2 changes.

This probably explains the error with 
"xmlbeans-maven-plugin-2.0.0-beta1.jar" I got doing a M4 uberbuild in my 
previous mail titled "M4 QA Branch Build Failure".

Should we be reconsidering having XMLBeans2 changes in the Geronimo M4 

What other fixes have gone into OpenEJB that we need for M4 since we did 
the Geronimo branch?

I think the Geronimo M4 uberbuild needs to be changed so that it checks 
out from the OpenEJB branch.  The same needs to be done for TranQL. Agree?


David Blevins <> wrote on 14/07/2005 06:50:19 AM:

> cvs co -r v2_0_GM4
> It's a plain cvs branch, not a tag.  You can check in what you need 
> to get Geronimo 1.0 M4 out the door.
> -David

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