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Subject Proper use of Jira for defects that occur in multiple branches/releases (was Re: Outstanding tasks for M4)
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 00:01:27 GMT
David Jencks <> wrote on 20/07/2005 03:24:46 AM:

> what is the proper use of Jira for defects that occur in multiple 
> branches/releases?  There are at least 2 issues fixed in head that need 
> to be backported

I found an answer at

A user asked the question "We are now considering adding version 
management to a project. A user has this question: What if a fix has been 
slated for multiple versions, but the developer has only fixed it in one 
version so far? There is no way to mark the issue as resolved for one 
version but not the other. Maybe you can help explain how this workflow 
would be handled within JIRA."

The answer was "The best way to deal with this situation would be to 
create a new issue for each version and link these issues if necessary. 
This way you will have one issue representing each piece of work that 
needs to be done and the progress on each version can be tracked 
separately. Clone issue functionality can ve handy here."

Although the recommendation involves creating more issues (the clone issue 
function should make it easy), I think it is the safest way to manage 
changes to multiple versions.  For example, someone may not have the time 
to merge a fix into all branches immediately, this method allows them to 
track the work outstanding on each branch. 

It also would remove confusion in a scenario where someone fixes HEAD and 
then merges the fix into a branch, but makes a mistake in the merging in 
the branch.  The issue for HEAD can remain closed and the issue for the 
branch can be reopened/kept open.

Comments as to whether this is the way we want to go moving forward?


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