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Subject Re: Tomcat/Jetty picker ;-)
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2005 23:56:48 GMT
Jeff Genender <> wrote on 18/07/2005 08:41:22 AM:

> I checked into HEAD the ability to easily build a Jetty or Tomcat 
> version.  If we want this in M4, then we probably should re-cut the 
> branch or if someone has a better idea, speak up ;-)

I was hoping this was going into M4.  I don't consider this new 
functionality, I think it is fixing a broken design that we shouldn't be 
releasing in another milestone.

The benefits of putting it in M4 are:

* Less user problems - the previous method of having to edit many files is 
prone to failure, it caught me out many times!
* We don't have to document the M4 way of configuring the web containers 
and the M5 way of configuring.  This makes the instructions more 
complicated and makes it harder for other forms of documentation to stay 
relevant (e.g. articles and Aaron's book).
* Documentation does not have to be changed when we reach M5.
* We are seen to be trying to minimise changes that impact configuration 
between releases.

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