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Subject Re: better release transparency
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 11:42:21 GMT
Stefan Schmidt <> wrote on 20/07/2005 01:45:23 PM:

> Hi,
> Here are some thoughts on how to achieve a better transparency for both 
> Geronimo 'users' and Geronimo 'developers':
> 1. Create a Wiki page 'future plans' (or similar) where a rough release 
> time frame, new features, deliverables, compatibility with earlier 
> versions etc. are listed (like: 
> http://www.eclipse.
> org/org/councils/PC/platform/eclipse_project_plan_3_2_2005_02_14.html).
> This is targeted at interested Geronimo users, IT managers etc.

We definately should be aiming to have everything in JIRA (even non coding 
tasks such as these suggestions, so we remember to do them and know who is 
working on them or plans to work on them).

Geir, are you planning on taking the items in your roadmap ( ) and creating JIRA issues for 
them (if there aren't ones already created) and assigning them to versions 
in JIRA?  I think if we could do that it would open up discussion on 
priorities of the items.  It would also allow users to vote on issues 
through JIRA.

The high level Wiki roadmap ( ) is 
useful, but it probably needs to be structured so it is associated with a 
version, so one can see what the status of M3, M4 etc is.  It should also 
be moved to a more obvious (and higher profile) location than under the 
"Developer information" heading on the Wiki.

> 2. Add a 'Road Map' link to the Geronimo Jira where the release version 
> (eg. 'M4') lists all open (and fixed) issues as well as a release date 
> together with a progress bar for this release. (something like the JBoss 

> Jira offers: 
> plugin.system.project:roadmap-panel)
> I think this could provide a 'bridge' between the Geronimo development 
> community and the outside world. Also, it would demonstrate that the 
> community is alive, which is a little untransparent if you don't 
> subscribe to the dev-list.

I think this is a great idea and backs up what I was trying to say in about the use 
of JIRA's roadmap feature and users being able to see where things are 


> Thoughts?
> Stefan Schmidt

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