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Subject startup scripts for Geronimo - will users want to prepend their own classpath?
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 12:18:36 GMT
I am working on the startup scripts for Geronimo and was wondering whether 
people can see a requirement now or in the future where users would want 
to be able to specify their own classpath when executing the startup 
script (e.g. in the CLASSPATH env var) and have that appended to the 
server's classpath (currently the server's classpath is set in the 
Class-Path manifest attribute of the geronimo/bin/server.jar file)?

--> Note that we cannot use the -cp and -jar options at the same time due 
to Bug parade bug

If this is a requirement, here is a proposal (untested) on how we could 
implement it:

The startup script when issuing the java command would:
* not use the -jar option.  It would construct the full classpath, 
including the classpath the user specified followed by the server's 
classpath and specify it on the -cp option.
* obtain the server's part of the classpath by executing a .bat or .sh 
file that was written by the assembly, since the assembly knows this as it 
sets the classpath in the JAR manifest.
* specify the main class on the java command ( 
org.apache.geronimo.system.main.Daemon )
* specify the endorsed dir ( lib/endorsed )

(FYI.. Tomcat startup scripts do not use the -jar option and allow users 
to set the classpath).

Anyone have any opinions or ideas?



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