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Subject Re: ToDos for M4
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 02:34:43 GMT
"Alan D. Cabrera" <> wrote on 11/07/2005 12:02:55 PM:

> On Jul 10, 2005, at 4:42 AM, mos wrote:
> > Just some thoughts:
> >
> > Shouldn't well known and essential bugs be fixed before doing the 
> > branch?
> > This could prevent duplicated work.
> > For example:
> I think that we should update the M4 roadmap to reflect what we really 
> think is needed before we kick this out the door, i.e. branch.  There 
> are things in there that I'm not sure that we'll complete in the 
> timeframe that we want for M4.
> There are also things like 715 that people want to go out for M4.
> > Bye the way:
> > Would the subprojects like OpenEJB be part of the branch of M4?
> > I assume this because this modules are an essential part of geronimo
> > and have to be closely synchronized with the rest.
> >
> OpenEJB is not a sub-project of Geronimo. However, we should use a 
> specific version of OpenEJB in our M4 branch.  What I think that what 
> could be done is that we could build a snapshot of OpenEJB and label 
> the version w/ a timestamp.  We would then upload the jar into a maven 
> repo, preferably ibiblio.


Can we do this with all our SNAPSHOT dependencies so the build is truly 
reproducable?  Looking at etc/ we have approx 18 
SNAPSHOTs in use.  How would we upload JARS of all these SNAPSHOTs of 
external projects (e.g. what maven groupId will they be under, will it be 
under geronimo)?

It would be nice if in the future developers could document why we need to 
use each SNAPSHOT, e.g. some comments above each SNAPSHOT in 
etc/  This would help give everyone a better picture of 
the reason for and state of our dependencies.


> Regards,
> Alan

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