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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: VOTE: IBM web console donation
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2005 15:18:44 GMT
I didn't realize this was a poll

[-1] Add to geronimo/incubator/ibm-web-console; add full committers
[-1] Add to geronimo/incubator/ibm-web-console; restricted committers
[+1] Add to geronimo/sandbox/web-console; patches not committers
[-1] Add to geronimo/trunk/applications/web-console; full committers
[+0] Send to Apache incubator
[ ] Other (please specify)

I think we have the cart before the horse on the geronimo/incubator/*  
choices.  We should have a discussion on how exactally this will work  
and what the policies are and then vote to decide that we want to  
create our own incubator inside of Geronimo.  For example, what  
exactly does "restricted" commit mean, what are the graduation  
criteria, and so on.  I suppose we can just crib off the incubator  
policies to figure out what kind of policies are necessary (I would  
assume that is would be a pure subset of the incubator rules).

I dislike votes that implicitly grant permission to do something we  
have not discussed or more importantly voted on.  Kind of like  
throwing an expensive weapons system on an unrelated environmental bill.


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