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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Donation of Admin Console- request for help
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 16:48:24 GMT
On 7/11/05, Geir Magnusson Jr. <> wrote:
> Fine : I'm going to suggest
> /geronimo/sandbox/misc/SoC
> /geronimo/sandbox/donations/trifork
> /geronimo/sandbox/donations/ibm

Location within the Geronimo SVN repo is not a big concern to me. What
is a big concern is how we decide to accept it.

> as our pattern
> >  - pick one of:
> >    - add separate ACL for each donation in there
> >    - have people from contributing company operate via patches
> >
> >     I would personally lean slightly toward patches, though I
> > anticipate the donators may prefer ACLs.  In any case, if and when the
> > code becomes part of Geronimo proper, I think the donators will
> > need to
> > qualify for Geronimo commit status as normal.
> Right, and that's up to us.  "Qualify" is currently subjective.
> I'd be happy w/ separate ACLs to let people work as fast and
> "normally" as possible, w/o having to wait for patches to be
> accepted.  There's no danger with SVN.  That said, I'd go w/ patches
> if that was the consensus.

I lean toward the idea of patches as well. This is the console that
was created by Gluecode so I believe the creators are already
committers. If this assumption is incorrect, can someone please
elaborate further on the state of the code since Gluecode was
swallowed by IBM.

perl -e 'print unpack("u30","D0G)U8V4\@4VYY9&5R\"F)R=6-E+G-N>61E<D\!G;6%I;\"YC;VT*"

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