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Subject Geronimo does JBI (Java Business Integration)
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:53:53 GMT
Those of you not at the BOF at JavaOne might have missed all the buzz  
around JBI (Java Business Integration) - which is the new JSR  
specification, released just before JavaOne  which provides an API,  
component model and container specification for integration  
components. (i.e. ESBs).

We've been working away over at codehaus for some time building an  
open source Apache Licensed JBI container and component suite called  
ServiceMix which you can drop into Spring or Geronimo...

which should have its first release very soon.

One thing Hiram did while at JavaOne was to add a JBI deployer into  
Geronimo. This means that the standard Geronimo deployer can now  
automatically detect a JBI deployment unit (any jar which includes  
META-INF/jbi.xml inside it) and then auto-deploy a JBI component or  
service assembly. If you are hunting around the code wondering where  
this is, check out the servicemix and servicemix-builder modules that  
do all the work.

Coolbeans! So now Geronimo is now the first J2EE (nearly) certified  
container which has JBI support! Yay!

More details here...


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