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From Andy Piper <>
Subject Re: Disagreements regarding inclusion of Tomcat/Jetty Picker in M4 QA branch
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 11:45:53 GMT
At 08:22 AM 7/20/2005, Bruce Snyder wrote:
>I'd like to hear some opinions from community members who are not
>committers. If you are reading this message and you are not a
>committer, PLEASE SPEAK UP! We want to hear your opinion on this

The more branching and integging you do the less time you have for actually 
fixing bugs and developing features.

The two questions users are asking right now is (a) where is a version that 
works and (b) where is the version that is CTS compliant. I think for most 
people Geronimo is a new thing that they are struggling to understand and 
the less obstacles to their understanding the better (and the more user 
momentum geronimo will get). People will try the "stable" milestones first 
and IMO these MUST work. On the other hand this is still an alpha release, 
so people are more forgiving about compatibility and missing features.

I actually don't think a branching model will help you much here (and it 
will slow you down), its really down to the discipline of individuals. 
Periodically freezing the codebase in order to put out a stable milestone 
is IMO a better approach, but it will only work if people really are 
disciplined about what they commit during the freeze. Once the feature set 
is permanently frozen then that's probably an appropriate time to branch.

To answer the question in the subject, I would push it out to M5 if its 
going to be very de-stabilizing, but include it if its just going to be 
incomplete. I doubt many users are going to try switching at this stage 
(unless there are outages in Jetty that tomcat doesn't have).

My $0.02


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