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From Andy Piper <>
Subject Re: Geronimo and JSR-237 WorkManager API for App Servers
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 16:52:31 GMT
An alternative here would be using commonJ. Although 237 will be the 
eventual J2EE standard for this it is only just getting started and will 
almost certainly depend on the JSR 166 APIs (which use generics) that are 
integrated into J2SE 5. 237 is unlikely to be substantially different to 
commonJ and commonJ is already supported in several major appservers (WAS 
and WLS surprise, surprise!).

The only issue with this is the legal status of the API which BEA and IBM 
currently own the IPR for. I expect its possible to unencumber it, but I 
could be wrong. I will investigate if there is any interest.

I do think that the "work"-style API is the correct one to standardize on 
internally, but I wouldn't hold your breath for 237 for this - better to 
define your own or use something already out there.


At 05:04 PM 6/22/2005, Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

>On Jun 22, 2005, at 4:04 PM, Tyagi, Rahul wrote:
>>Hello Team!!
>>Recent version of leading app servers are supporting "JSR-237 Work
>>Manager for Application Server". I believe JSR-237 is simple and
>>powerful API for writing robust parallel processing application for
>>managed environment. Prior to that developers used to open non
>>managed threads for accomplishing parallel processing in J2EE
>>container, , Obviously which is not a recommended way!!
>>I think JSR-237 is a major step in writing scalable parallel
>>processing application within managed environment.
>>I am curious whether we have plan to support JSR-237 in future
>>releases of Geronimo, If community see benefit of adding JSR-237 to
>>Geronimo I can volunteer to implement JSR-237 for Geronimo.
>Some of us have indicated a general interest in participating in the
>JSR, and doing an implementation here at the the ASF in the Geronimo
>project.  So.... Have at it.  Thanks for volunteering.  As you've
>probably noticed, working with the rest of the community, especially
>David Jencks, will be important.  Don't be shy about asking for
>ideas, help and discussion.
>Geir Magnusson Jr                                  +1-203-665-6437

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