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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Tomcat/Jetty picker ;-)
Date Sun, 17 Jul 2005 22:41:22 GMT
I checked into HEAD the ability to easily build a Jetty or Tomcat 
version.  If we want this in M4, then we probably should re-cut the 
branch or if someone has a better idea, speak up ;-)

So how do you easily switch containers?  In the etc/ 
there is a line like follows:


Want to build tomcat?  Change it to:


and just rebuild assembly.

I also added a root default context for Tomcat with a Geronimo welcome 
page.  I cribbed it from Tomcat.  It can be whatever the 
community thinks should be on it...feel free ;-)

Please give it a shot and any feedback would be appreciated.

Some info:

All web containers now run on 8080 (no more Tomcat on 8090).


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