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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: startup scripts for Geronimo - will users want to prepend their own classpath?
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 15:08:47 GMT
Cool.  Do I need to build an assembly though? (Sorry for the repost)

Dain Sundstrom wrote:
> Jars are loaded in the order they appear in the xml file.
> -dain
> On Jul 11, 2005, at 8:02 AM, Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Can I set the order of which jars will get loaded first?
>> Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>>     Most often it seems the CLASSPATH is used to add JDBC drivers  or 
>>> common 3rd party libraries.  We have special facilities for  that in 
>>> Geronimo, so I don't see that being able to set the  CLASSPATH is all 
>>> that valuable.
>>> Aaron
>>> On Mon, 11 Jul 2005 wrote:
>>>> I am working on the startup scripts for Geronimo and was  wondering 
>>>> whether people can see a requirement now or in the  future where 
>>>> users would want to be able to specify their own  classpath when 
>>>> executing the startup script (e.g. in the  CLASSPATH env var) and 
>>>> have that appended to the server's  classpath (currently the 
>>>> server's classpath is set in the Class- Path manifest attribute of 
>>>> the geronimo/bin/server.jar file)?
>>>> --> Note that we cannot use the -cp and -jar options at the same  
>>>> time due to Bug parade bug 
>>>> If this is a requirement, here is a proposal (untested) on how we  
>>>> could implement it:
>>>> The startup script when issuing the java command would:
>>>> * not use the -jar option.  It would construct the full  classpath, 
>>>> including the classpath the user specified followed by  the server's 
>>>> classpath and specify it on the -cp option.
>>>> * obtain the server's part of the classpath by executing a .bat  or 
>>>> .sh file that was written by the assembly, since the assembly  knows 
>>>> this as it sets the classpath in the JAR manifest.
>>>> * specify the main class on the java command  ( 
>>>> org.apache.geronimo.system.main.Daemon )
>>>> * specify the endorsed dir ( lib/endorsed )
>>>> (FYI.. Tomcat startup scripts do not use the -jar option and  allow 
>>>> users to set the classpath).
>>>> Anyone have any opinions or ideas?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> John
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