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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Questions on Geronimo's var directory and the config-store directory
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 14:35:05 GMT wrote:
> Is this statement correct.. The "var" directory intended for holding data 
> specific to a particular Geronimo instance and not intended to be shared 
> by multiple instances of geronimo?


> If I wanted to run two geronimo instances, sharing the same installation 
> directory (e.g. so geronimo\lib and geronimo\repository is shared), each 
> of the two instances of geronimo would need to be started with a unique 
> geronimo.base.dir property value ?

Aren't lib and repository childs of geronimo.base.dir? If so, you won't 
be able to achieve it.

> Currently Geronimo's "config-store" directory is a child of the Geronimo 
> installation directory rather than a child of the"var" directory (which is 
> relative to geronimo.base.dir).  What is the reason for config-store not 
> being under the var directory? 

I think it's because it didn't cause any troubles yet. There was simply 
no test case to show its invalid ;)

> Is it because it is just a file 
> implementation of a config store and could change in the future to some 
> other storage implementation?

Don't know.

> If the config-store is being shared by multiple instances of Geronimo 
> couldn't that pose a problem when two instances using the same 
> configuration are updated when a server shuts down?

I think it would require to specify which instance should be targetted 
when distributing a module. This way, the problem would be that the 
another instance wouldn't notice the module has been installed. Since it 
wasn't targetted, it doesn't have to see the change.

> Does anyone have thoughts on how deployment and loading of configurations 
> would work in the future when Geronimo supports clustering and how it 
> would work with a config store? 

Unfortunatelly not.

> John


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