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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: deployment plan classloading question
Date Sat, 09 Jul 2005 17:05:27 GMT
So I am now able to launch the server within Eclipse, make changes, and synchronize those changes
back in.  But theres a catch... There is a fundamental problem with the way I'm doing it which
may require me to implement a different Repository to make the usability of this easier.

I'm launching the server through org.apache.geronimo.system.main.Daemon.  There is a hard
requirement that the server.jar be on the classpath.  So I added the server.jar from the
assembly module to the classpath.  Wether the server.jar I add is from the assembly module
or an
extracted install image it MUST be from a valid install structure, (i.e just can't copy the
server.jar and put it anywhere), since the server uses this jar to determine the geronimo

So from first looks the server starts fine, and you can debug and step through it.  The problem
comes in when you make code changes.

Like you said, the repository used to resolve the classpaths is determined by the system info
which in turn my guess looks at the geronimo install directory.  But any code changes I make,
maven builder is jaring and installing to the MAVEN repository and not to the INSTALL repository.
Beacuse of this, no changes will be picked up.

The maven builder already at this point has updated and installed the snapshot, and the current
workaround is that I manually rebuild just the assembly module to update the install repository

whenever I want to sync the changes in.  The downside is that re-building the assembly module
time-consuming and the goals for that project are not granualized so that only the repository
can be updated. Thus I don't think this workaround should be the recommended approach.

I'd like to not have to do this two step process and everything should be done automatically
every Eclipse build.

So would you recommend that implementing a different repository is the necessary solution?
 If so, 
how do I go about implementing a custom repo? Is there an existing class I can use as a model?

Thanks for your help.

David Jencks wrote:
> I dont' think you have successfully located the problem.  The system  
> plan doesn't have any dependencies, so the message is appropriate.  You  
> are comparing the System and Server classpaths.
> IIUC the System configuration does rely on a manifest classpath entry  
> in server.jar that includes many of the jars in lib.  Perhaps including  
> those in an eclipse property would help?
> You can definitely implement a different Repository that looks  
> elsewhere, but I'm not sure that is advisable simply for use in  
> eclipse.  It might be useful to have one that looks directly in your  
> local maven repository.  IIUC the current Repository uses the system  
> info gbean to locate the geronimo repository.
> thanks
> david jencks
> On Jul 8, 2005, at 4:31 PM, Sachin Patel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm looking at the System deployment plan and the section where the  
>> dependencies are being defined.  The entries contain relative paths  
>> which in an install image resolve back into the "repository" folder,  
>> as expected.
>> (1) Is there any way at startup I can specify a different location on  
>> the filesystem where these relative paths can be attempted to be  
>> resolved? Is there a system variable that can be set?
>> (2) Would someone mind pointing me in the code where these dependency  
>> entries are loaded and resolved?...
>> Where I'm trying to go with this is to create a true development  
>> environment using Eclipse, so that the server can be launched within  
>> the IDE without having to do a remote debug connection.
>> The blocking issue I'm currently having is that when the server is  
>> starting and the configurations are loaded the classpath's don't  
>> resolve and the debug statement says...
>> 19:10:47,901 DEBUG [Configuration] ClassPath for  
>> org/apache/geronimo/System resolved to []
>> rather then...
>> 17:58:01,712 DEBUG [Configuration] ClassPath for  
>> org/apache/geronimo/Server resolved to  
>> [file:/C:/geronimo-snapshot/repository/geronimo-spec/jars/geronimo- 
>> spec-j2ee-1.4-rc4.jar,  
>> file:/C:/geronimo-snapshot/repository/geronimo-spec/jars/geronimo- 
>> spec-j2ee-jacc-1.0-rc4.jar,  
>> file:/C:/geronimo-snapshot/repository/geronimo/jars/geronimo- 
>> activation-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar,  
>> file:/C:/geronimo-snapshot/repository/geronimo/jars/geronimo-j2ee-1.0- 
>> SNAPSHOT.jar,
>> ....
>> If there was a way to specify a different absolute path to be used to  
>> append to the relative paths, I think I would be golden!
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Sachin.

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