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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject TriFork/CORBA meeting minutes
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 19:54:00 GMT
A kickoff phone call meeting occured between TriFork and a few PMC 

July 8th 2005, 4:00pm GMT


Kresten Krab Thorup - TriFork
David Blevins
Alan Cabrera
Jeff Genender
David Jenks
Jacek Laskowski - had to leave early
Geir Magnusson
Aaron Mulder
Dain Sundstrom

Kresten explained some of the architectural bits of the TriFork CORBA 
server.  There is a CORBA core and on top of it is the RMI/IIOP bridge.  
They use CORBA interceptors and some interesting code for sockets.  The 
sockets code is like Tomcat's connectors.  TriFork currently uses JacORB 
to compile IDL.

Integration work w/ OpenEJB would use existing standard OMG CORBA 
interfaces with the exception of the SSL code, where the OMG spec is 
deficient.  In this case a generic interface will be provided to make 
the code portable across different CORBA implementations.

There was a discussion on how OpenEJB and Trifork handles the TX aspect 
of interop.  David Jenks mentioned that we don't currently support TX 
interop nor do we have a JTS TM, and that we would like to support 
interop but not necessarily JTS.  Kresten mentioned that JTS isn't quite 
adapted to support j2ca 1.5 TX inflow and that it would probably be 
plausible to wrap JTS around JTA although they currently do the reverse.

The stages of work that were discussed were:

stage 1: Extricate the CORBA server from the TriFork server.  This is 
what will be submitted for Geronimo incubation.  Kresten will be on 
vacation but he thinks that this will be ready in August.

stage 2: Spruce up the code, e.g.

 - integrate OpenEJB code
 - add javadoc comments
 - add documentation
 - put in a keystore server
 - spruce up I/O code (maybe use ActiveIO)

stage 3: get ready to graduate!

The idea of stage 2 is to have raw code put into the incubator where 
Kresten and the community can work together.

The group recommended that the CORBA project be incubated in Geronimo 
with the goal that it become a sub-project of Geronimo.

I'm sure I left out some interesting bits.  Please feel free to fill in 
the gaps.


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