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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: M4 -- 24 hour notice of branch
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 12:42:47 GMT
David Blevins wrote:
> You're starting to sound like me :) Alan and Jacek are always putting
> me back in line when I go "release nuts".  What can I say, the idea of
> my code going out to people gets me a little excited.  Not my fault :)


> We can consider as a group if we want to hold up the branch for these
> improvements, but the idea behind the branch is that only
> critical/showstoppers go in so we can go ahead with QA and TCK
> testing.

I'd go with the branch as soon as possible. It allows others to go on 
with testing (and possibly involve more people to contribute to 
Geronimo) while it wouldn't stop the development process, which can take 
its place on HEAD. Only bug fixes would be accepted and applied to the 
branch. Well, it would always require a vote, so I'm not worried too 
much about it.

What I'd like to see is the final time we wouldn't be allowed to go 
behind when the release would be finally cut and issued. One 'silent' 
week would then be required when nothing but testing would be done on 
the release branch.

I'm working on the PetStore deployment, but I'm more and more uncertain 
if it's going to be included in M4. I'm completely stuck with CMPs. 
Shall I ask for more time so that it goes in? No, because...see below...

> Also, IMHO, I would really really like to see us release no later than
> every six weeks or so if we can pull it off.  Don't know how anyone
> else feels about that.

...because I think that the more aggressive release schedule would make 
it. I second Dave's idea of the 6-weeks release period.

If a given feature (e.g. PetStore deployment) doesn't go to M4 it will 
finally be included in M5 or M6 or later. I'd feel more excited if it 
were included very soon, say, in M4, but don't stand on the position for 
any price. I can and do work with the daily builds, but people would 
rather like to download an official release and I do understand them. We 
can't postpone releases only because we think that after 2 years of 
development it will become THE application platform. People won't wait 
too long. They want releases, we want them to report their experience 
with Geronimo, so the 6-weeks release period meets the goal very well.

> -David


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