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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Project Dependencies: TranQL & maybe someday
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 09:48:19 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:

> 	Okay.  Well, without getting into specifics, I'm not real
> comfortable with Geronimo being heavily dependent on a Codehaus project
> with precisely one, er, despot.  I feel the same about the
> kernel, which while not currently a part of Geronimo, will likely be a
> candidate for it (and this of course is one of the issues around it).

It was *our* decision to rely on these projects. I agree we need to be 
very careful about what they are in the future, but I don't think it's a 
problem with TranQL at the moment. Although we could have considered 
TranQL as a problem having seen some troubles recently, I'm sure we will 
be able to work them out easily.

> 	Jeremy, would you consider either substantially enlarging the 
> community of despots for TranQL, bringing it to Apache, or merging 
> it into OpenEJB?

Do you think that committers behind selected projects would change their 
rules to grant commit access only because Geronimo decides to rely on 
their work? I don't think so and would be very surprised if they did. 
Our approach to work with other projects should be to be in touch with 
these projects and the time will show if we earn their appreciation 
which would finally result in the commit access.

I remember someone said the commit access should be seen as an 
acknowledgement of someone's contribution rather than what project (s)he 
represents. I completely second that point.

> 	Dain, would you consider either substantially enlarging the
> community of despots for, bringing it to Apache, or merging it
> into Geronimo (as a branch or sandbox module for the present, I presume)?

In case of the GBean project, it's much better since we don't yet rely 
on them as much as we do on TranQL. It's still under discussion whether 
it is the way to go or we will reinvent the wheel or come up with a 
better alternative.

> 	Aaron


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