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From "Lance J. Andersen" <Lance.Ander...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Webservices and jaxrpc done! -- public repost
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 14:13:48 GMT
The javafaces TCK is seperate from CTs 1.4.   You would need to have 
apache submit the scholarship paperwork for this technology if it has 
not been done already.


Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:

> On Jul 2, 2005, at 4:21 PM, Manfred Geiler wrote:
>> Congratulations.
>> BTW, a question:
>> This is the J2EE 1.4 TCK, right? Can you please check if JavaServer
>> Faces is also part of this TCK now? We from the MyFaces project are
>> waiting for the TCK since weeks! And there where endless discussions
>> at Sun. One of them: if JSF TCK will be shipped on it's own or as part
>> of J2EE. So if you (i.e. the ASF) have already access to it, this
>> would make things much easier for us, of course.
> Manfred,
> No, the JavaServer Faces TCK is not part of the J2EE TCK.
> Yes, this one is taking a long time for some reason, and I'm  
> following up.  I didn't forget.
> geir
>> Thanks,
>> Manfred Geiler
>> (MyFaces PMC)
>> 2005/7/2, David Blevins <>:
>>> I posted this to our private tck list a few days ago.  Now that we've
>>> passed all tck tests, I can legally share it and invite everyone  to 
>>> stand
>>> up and applaud some people who have worked very hard on the web  
>>> services
>>> side of our great Geronimo.
>>> Some content ommitted for legal reasons.
>>> Let's show these guys some love!
>>> -David
>>> ----- Forwarded message from David Blevins  <> 
>>> -----
>>> I just ran the entire jaxrpc and webservices sections of the tck and
>>> <xx> hours and <xxxx> passing tests later I'm proud to annouce, we
>>> done!  We have it all locked up, nailed shut, and ready to go.
>>> Just in case anyone gets the funny idea that I did all or most of  this
>>> work by myself, I really want to take a moment and thank the guys  that
>>> made it happen.  Even in another year I could never have done what
>>> these guys did.
>>> David J., this man keeps my butt in line.  If you slow down even a  bit
>>> he will code you over!  Before you're even done checking your  email in
>>> the morning, David will have you buried under a pile of code so  big it
>>> will take you all day to read and a whole week to rewrite.  I swear
>>> the guy got smart years ago and wrote a code generator generator and
>>> has been cashing in on it ever since.  How else could anyone write so
>>> much code?!?
>>> Gianny.  I think Gianny is a sick in the head.  Seriously, you can
>>> barely finish saying the word "mapping" and Gianny will be right  there
>>> halfway finished with a "patch".  Patch being an extremely  understated
>>> way of saying complete implementation of everything you missed or
>>> didn't get around to.  I say he's sick cause I think he actually
>>> enjoys this stuff.  CMP mapping, Java to XML Schema/WSDL mapping,....
>>> I don't know what planet he's from, but if the mother ship could send
>>> a few more guys over that would be great!
>>> Hiram.  Talk about good sport.  I jerked him back and forth between
>>> the same two tasks like fifty million times.  It was like pong.  I
>>> can't count how many times he implemented wsdl rewriting for swapping
>>> out address locations.  When not being distracted by me, he  managed to
>>> close out nearly all of the jaxrpc-api section of test in like a week
>>> and a half.  Don't let the laid back latino attitude fool you; this
>>> man means business!
>>> Dims and the whole Axis team for being super sports and johnny on the
>>> spot with applying patches and pushing out new snapshot jars.  You
>>> guys are raising the bar on the rest of us poor projects, knock it  
>>> off :)
>>> Big round of applause and standing ovation for these guys!  We're  damn
>>> lucky to have them.
>>> Best regards and thanks,
>>> David Blevins
>>> ----- End forwarded message -----

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