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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: New Startup Output
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 11:24:47 GMT

David Blevins wrote:
> On that note I wouldn't mind a -v -vv -vvv approach for printing log
> messages to STDOUT.  Maybe each 'v' could drop the log level down one
> notch.
> I do like the stuff Aaron whipped up as default.

Absolutely.  I think Aaron's status bar is great as a default.  But we 
really need an easy way to get the logs to stdout in a quick and easy 

> -David
> On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 10:24:35PM -0600, Jeff Genender wrote:
>>Ok...lets hash this last one out...
>>I would really like to have a command line parameter to start Geronimo 
>>like "-verbose" that sends the log to the stdout (like it was before). 
>>As a developer, its nice to have this instead of having to muck with the 
>>log4j files.  Although I could open up another terminal and tail -f the 
>>log...this is a real PITA.  Luckily I can do this since I develop on 
>>MacOSX.  The windows users may have a more difficult time with this 
>>since they lack some of the UNIX commands we are used to (like tail), 
>>and would be forced to download cygwin or other.
>>For ease of use, a verbose parameter would make good sense, especially 
>>for developers.
>>I love this new status bar...its really clean...but I would like the 
>>option to spew the logs to the terminal.
>>I would like to get people's feelings on this since there are 2 sides 
>>having this option.
>>Aaron Mulder wrote:
>>>	I just put in a change with nicer startup console output.  It
>>>gives some progress and status information during the server start process
>>>and lists the apps deployed and ports used at the end of the startup.  
>>>Since it uses \r characters to make it work, the output looks lousy if you
>>>view it in a log file, so there's a -noprogress argument you can add to
>>>the server command line to suppress it (which the Maven deploy tool does, 
>>>for example).
>>>	In any case, I'd appreciate any thoughts or feedback on the new 
>>>* Jeremy's already suggested adding a middle ground between -noprogress
>>>  and what's in there, where it would print more or less the same
>>>  information but one message per line so it looks nicer in a log.  
>>>  There's just an interface to implement to get the startup sequence
>>>  calls, so it should be easy enough to support that.
>>>* David J recommended the current combination of a short progress bar and
>>>  status messages instead of my initial attempt, which just had a long
>>>  (but not very fine-grained) progress bar.  I like the way it came out.
>>>	Now that I've done this, I think we can use the same technique to
>>>hide the password on the deployer command line.
>>>	Aaron
>>>Log message
>>>New server startup output
>>>- shows a progress bar, timer, and operation status during start
>>>- shows a list of started application modules (other than o/a/g/System*)
>>>- shows a list of network ports that GBeans tried to bind to
>>>The port list is voluntary on behalf of the GBeans.  They must declare an
>>> attribute of type in order to be included
>>> in the list (though it can be a read-only attribute).  We should review
>>> the current GBeans and make sure they do.
>>>There is also some logic around calculating the name of a service.  For
>>> example, if the same GBean has more than one InetSocketAddress attribute,
>>> it tries to add the name of each attribute in the port list, and if the
>>> GBean has a "name" attribute (for GBeans tht may be deployed more than
>>> once with different names) it includes that too.
>>>The new progress bar does not render particularly well in log files, and
>>> can be disabled by passing -noprogress on the server command line.  The
>>> maven deployment plugin does that.

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