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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Donation of a CORBA Orb
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 17:05:33 GMT

Kresten Krab Thorup wrote:

> As for where it should be placed ASF-wise, I am thinking that it  would 
> be best to place it as part of Geronimo initially, because it  is a good 
> thing to have a concrete project [the appserver] to drive  the 
> requirements.  Also, the featureset required to do Java EE is  somewhat 
> less than the full CORBA spec (for instance, we have no  
> interface/implementation repository, and no IDL compiler).

Let me start by thanking you for wanting to contribute code to the 
project.  This is awesome.

Relative to the statement above, is there a reason you want the ORB 
directly in the Geronimo project?  I can see this orb being an important 
project in its own right and can have many uses beyond Geronimo.  If not 
as its own ASF project, dare I say the possibility of a sub-project 
<flame suit on ;-)>?  I really think an orb is big enough, and important 
enough to be its own living/breathing project.

Perhaps this is something to bring up now...

Is there a thought on a Geronimo "holding project"?  We will likely 
encounter more chunks of code that can and should live on thier own. 
Since webservices has "ws" and database has "db", what about an "as" for 
application server and components?  I think this is something we really 
need to consider since we will be growing components fairly regularly. 
I think this is great for the community as well.


Jeff Genender

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