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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: WIKI Eclipse Deployment updated
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2005 15:36:25 GMT

There are two solutions I'm looking into..

(1) There is an eclipse plugin, zipCreation then enables the output 
folder of a project to be jared up during the build.  The jar can be 
specified to be created anywhere, in our case, the repository. Each time
a change is made the project would build, and the repository would be 
updated with the new snapshot.

(2) To configure the .classpath so that so that each project references
other dependent projects in the workspace, rather then just the 
dependent snapshot jars in the repository.  The dependency on the
REPO would remain, the project references would simply be at a higher 
sort order on the build path.  In this way, the projects would reference 
each other and there would be no need to create/update a snapshot.jar.

Both of these ways would be trivial to configure by hand for a few 
projects, but still very tedious for a large set of projects. So for 
both of these ways we would need a solution to automate the 
configuration of this, either though a command similar to maven 
m:eclipse, ant script or some other means.

There is a possible third solution which I'm unfamiliar with and that is
using the mavenide eclipse plugin, so that Maven is actually being run, 
rather then the Eclipse builder.  I don't know the disadvantages and 
advantages of this approach, but it would be something to look into.

Stefan Schmidt wrote:
> Matt,
> I have added a view more steps demonstrating how to debug Geronimo 
> within Eclipse following your tips on irc earlier.
> Could someone explain the synchronization issues and possible work-arounds?
> :Stefan

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