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From Stefan Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Webservices and jaxrpc done! -- public repost
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 23:03:08 GMT
David B., David J., Gianny, Hiram, dims, thanks for the great effort 
here! Although I am not a senior in JAX-RPC matters I have spend the 
last 3 weeks with it and got a glimpse on its complexity. This makes me 
salute you guys even more!

So, well done!


David Blevins wrote:

>I posted this to our private tck list a few days ago.  Now that we've
>passed all tck tests, I can legally share it and invite everyone to stand 
>up and applaud some people who have worked very hard on the web services 
>side of our great Geronimo.
>Some content ommitted for legal reasons.
>Let's show these guys some love!
>----- Forwarded message from David Blevins <> -----
>I just ran the entire jaxrpc and webservices sections of the tck and
><xx> hours and <xxxx> passing tests later I'm proud to annouce, we are
>done!  We have it all locked up, nailed shut, and ready to go.
>Just in case anyone gets the funny idea that I did all or most of this
>work by myself, I really want to take a moment and thank the guys that
>made it happen.  Even in another year I could never have done what
>these guys did.
>David J., this man keeps my butt in line.  If you slow down even a bit
>he will code you over!  Before you're even done checking your email in
>the morning, David will have you buried under a pile of code so big it
>will take you all day to read and a whole week to rewrite.  I swear
>the guy got smart years ago and wrote a code generator generator and
>has been cashing in on it ever since.  How else could anyone write so
>much code?!?
>Gianny.  I think Gianny is a sick in the head.  Seriously, you can
>barely finish saying the word "mapping" and Gianny will be right there
>halfway finished with a "patch".  Patch being an extremely understated
>way of saying complete implementation of everything you missed or
>didn't get around to.  I say he's sick cause I think he actually
>enjoys this stuff.  CMP mapping, Java to XML Schema/WSDL mapping,....
>I don't know what planet he's from, but if the mother ship could send
>a few more guys over that would be great!
>Hiram.  Talk about good sport.  I jerked him back and forth between
>the same two tasks like fifty million times.  It was like pong.  I
>can't count how many times he implemented wsdl rewriting for swapping
>out address locations.  When not being distracted by me, he managed to
>close out nearly all of the jaxrpc-api section of test in like a week
>and a half.  Don't let the laid back latino attitude fool you; this
>man means business!
>Dims and the whole Axis team for being super sports and johnny on the
>spot with applying patches and pushing out new snapshot jars.  You
>guys are raising the bar on the rest of us poor projects, knock it off :)
>Big round of applause and standing ovation for these guys!  We're damn
>lucky to have them.
>Best regards and thanks,
>David Blevins
>----- End forwarded message -----

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