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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Website page for community members building on Geronimo or providing support and services around Geronimo
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 20:28:38 GMT
A couple of questions:

* Is there any legal expose for the ASF in doing this. I would think
   that at a minimum we would need to state that there was no endorsement
   explicit or implied for any of the things listed.

* What, if any, validation would we do that the description was
   accurate e.g. that XYZ Consulting actually does what is described?
   Does that create any risk of endorsement?

* What are the policies for dealing with disputes and/or removal?
   E.g. if ABC Co. disagrees with what XYZ said?

* Do we clean up entries after a period of time if the
   project/company dies?

Should we run this by legal-discuss or is it something that has been 
clarified before with other projects?


Geir Magnusson Jr. wrote:
> This came up in a previous thread.
> Does anyone have a problem with a page as described above in the  
> Subject line?  Many projects have this (e.g. http:// 
> and in my experience, it's  a 
> great help in building community, both to show people are proud to  be 
> using the software, as well as give info for people looking to use.
> I'd suggest that :
> a) Categories :
>      - Open-source projects powered by Geronimo
>      - Commercial offerings related geronimo
>           - products
>           - support and services
>           - etc
> b) names are in alpha order to promote fairness and make things  easier 
> to find (because we all hope this list grows really, really  long... :)
> c) We have some link either to the project, product and/or service  
> offering
> I'll go forward with this assuming silent consensus as there were no  
> protests to the suggestion when Aaron brought it up, but would like  to 
> see explicit support and candidates for inclusion on the list  (e.g. IBM 
> is obvious, BEA sorta, and would like everyone that does  consulting and 
> is willing to advertise that fact to step forward as  well :)
> geir

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