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From Viacheslav N tararin <>
Subject Re: Questions about CORBA
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 17:26:15 GMT
Where I can see where OpenORB need to be fixed to be usefull gor Geronimo?

Alan D. Cabrera пишет:

> There is an option 3, which we did not pursue because of time 
> constraints, fix and use OpenORB.
> Rick, I'm glad to hear that you're working on making our interop code 
> more portable. It's hard work and it definitely needs to be done. I'm 
> also glad to see that you're discussing your ideas w/ the community; 
> you are an example for us all.
> I am happy to help out where I can. Can you file a Jira issue so that 
> people know that you're cleaning up that part of the universe?
> Regards,
> Alan
> On 7/1/2005 2:20 AM, Rick McGuire wrote:
>> I would state the options "use the ORB in the JVM" or "use some other 
>> open source implementation". Currently, Geronimo is using the Sun 
>> 1.4.2 ORB, and the OpenORB code is going to be removed very shortly.
>> Unfortunately, the Geronimo code wrapped around the Sun ORB directly 
>> references Sun internal ORB classes (and in a couple cases, 
>> subclasses major ORB classes), so it is highly release dependent. For 
>> example, the current code won't compile cleanly on Sun's Java 5, or 
>> IBM's 1.4.2, because the underlying ORB code is completely different. 
>> Currently, I see two different solutions to this problem: 1) Write a 
>> different JVM-specific adaptor for each environment we wish to 
>> support, or 2) Try to find a means of implementing the current 
>> function using completely portable interceptor code.
>> Solution 1) presents an interesting build problem, because regardless 
>> of which JVM you used to build Geronimo, at least one of the adaptors 
>> will fail to build because the required classes wouldn't be present. 
>> I still hopeful that solution 2) is possible, but I'm guessing that 
>> we might still end up with some small piece of JVM-specific code.
>> Rick
>> Jacek Laskowski wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I wonder what options do we have to use as a CORBA implementation in 
>>> Geronimo (as a ASF project). I'm not familiar with the nuances of 
>>> miscellaneous licenses, but unless I'm mistaken we don't have too 
>>> much choices - Sun's ORB or OpenORB, right? Again, unless I'm 
>>> mistaken if I were to be asked I'd say we ain't too happy with both, 
>>> but couldn't say why :( Wiki is silent on this, too.
>>> Do we have to build our own CORBA implementation...well, I remember 
>>> Dain has been working on CORBA stuff in OpenEJB. Is it a complete 
>>> rewrite or a wrapper around OpenORB. Hmm, but I also remember we 
>>> talked about OpenORB troubles.
>>> Yes, I'm lost and asking for a help - could anyone answer where we 
>>> are with the CORBA stuff?
>>> Jacek

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