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From Donald Woods <>
Subject Unsatisfied dependency of openejb-pkgen-builder-2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar in HEAD
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 17:08:44 GMT
Has anyone performed a complete rebuild since the Rev
209655 changes yesterday?  I performed a clean build
using the Wiki steps of -
   $ svn checkout
   $ cd geronimo
   $ maven m:fresh-checkout
   $ maven m:rebuild-all
and during the rebuild-all, I'm receiving the
following during the Geronimo :: Assembly build -
   The build cannot continue because of the following
unsatisfied dependency:
The above JAR is not located on ibiblio and is not
being created by the rebuild of the latest OpenEJB
source.  Does anyone have a copy of the above JAR they
can send me?


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