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From David Blevins <>
Subject Preparation for M4
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 21:21:55 GMT
So, JavaOne is over, the 4th of July holiday is almost over.  Let's start the release talk.

Minimally, to get M4 out the door, we need to:

  - Create something for general testing
  - Cleaned up README (is it out of date?)
  - Scrub JIRA and prepare our copious changelog
  - Create human readable release notes
  - Draft a release announcement
  - Create/publish the final product

Not mandatory, but nice:

  - A 15 min servlet example with related descriptors
  - A 15 min ejb example with related descriptors

Maybe we could clean up the Magic G Ball for this?

I volunteer to put together some binaries of a potential M4.  We have
a number of people interested in testing.  I'll ping them when I have
something ready.

Any volunteers for the other stuff?

Anything I missed?


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