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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Attacking M4
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 23:22:34 GMT
Javamail & Axis...

- Am done with changes to JavaMail. tests are working as well. 
- We most probably can't squeeze in a new release of Axis this week.
What do we do? (dated snapshot?)

-- dims

On 7/25/05, David Blevins <> wrote:
> Alright, here is the deal on M4.  We have OSCON coming up and from my
> experience, if we don't get M4 out the door this week, then we won't
> see it till the week after OSCON.  I actually tried to cut M3 at
> OSCON last year and we all know how that went.
> If we don't get M4 out the door this week, our hopes of having M5 by
> the 15th are lost.  Assuming we don't want this to happen, here is my
> attack plan:
> =ATTACK PLAN==========
>    - Undeployment issue (GERONIMO-812, David Jencks)
>    - Snapshots (Javamail & Axis=>Dims, jUDDI & Scout=>Geir,
> ServiceMix=>Hiram, tmpOrb=>Dain)
>    - Web Services startup issue (GERONIMO-785, David Blevins)
>    - Corba interop problem (GERONIMO-813, Dain Sundstrom)
>    - Izpack/Tomcat issue (GERONIMO-811, Unassigned)
>    - Unknown CTS issues (need to clear up GERONIMO-812 to run it
> completely)
> No sitting on tasks, if you are not going to do it, mark it unassigned.
> Issue GERONIMO-811 is unassigned.  Can someone either remove the
> Tomcat option from the IzPack installer or add a the link to the wiki?
> It seems GERONIMO-809 is actually completed, is that right?
> We have to run the TCK on the final binary, which means we need to
> allow for a couple days of just testing the actual geronimo-1.0-
> that people will download.  To even get that far, we need to:
>    1. [notes] Create release notes for M4 and check them into the QA
> branch
>    2. [svn] Close the QA branch and copy it to tags/v1_0_M4
>    3. [dist] Cut and sign the binary and source distributions
> We are going to need to be done with the remaining JIRA items above
> by like Wednesday (best) or Thursday morning in order to do the above
> tasks.
> I am willing to take care of the svn and dist work. Side-note: I have
> to go to a wedding on Friday, so I personally would like to shoot for
> Wednesday as Thursday night is too late for me.
> Aaron, you willing to do the nice release notes like you did for M3?
> ====================
> Sound good to everyone?  Going to assume a lazy consensus otherwise.
> -David

Davanum Srinivas -

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